Are Models Too Thin?

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  • The model weight saga continues.  New stories have just emerged of size 4 models being turned away from modeling on the catwalk because they're simply too fat.  Too fat to model clothes that is, by the standard of the fashion world.  Kate Moss, a famous fashion model and icon has stated that skinny tastes better and Victoria Beckham has signaled her own fashion show standards at Bryant Park this year by choosing skeletal models.  All of last year's discussion regarding the ongoing eating disorders promoted among models, and the consumers who view them as personal size references seems to have yielded little change at this year's New York Fashion Week.

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    So I guess we should ask ourselves the following question - Why not leave modeling to women who are just born tall and naturally rail thin?  If we demanded that this criteria be on the resume of every young woman applying to be a model, wouldn't we solve numerous problems?  We'd make it unacceptable for a woman who has to strenuously diet to even apply to modeling and we'd make sure that all consumers know that these professional models were genetically born to be models - we can't possibly aspire to be like them because we are not genetically skinny.  Well, though this philosophy may work in other disciplines and professions, I doubt it would work in fashion.  There is something almost inherently seductive and destructive when it comes to body image and fashion.  No matter how much we talk about health and its connection to nutrition, most of us want to be a certain size.  And when we see models, even those who achieve their figures through dangerous dieting methods, we want to look like them - we want to be them.


    Yes, real women have curves, so are models real women?  Not according to most of the designers who simply want their clothes to drape on a gaunt frame that simulates a clothing hanger.  Though the debate will continue, most fashion insiders feel that the standard for most fashion shows will be the gaunt, emaciated look that most of us will never achieve.  Though watching these skeletal women traipse down the runway will contnue to inspire some of us to try.


Published On: March 29, 2010