Jeff Garlin Talks About His Weight Problem

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  • Jeff Garlin is a well-known stand-up comedian and comedic actor.  He currently stars in Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO and his character is often berated by a wife, who thinks he's just too fat.  Garlin attests to the fact that in his personal life, he has a daily struggle with food.  According to a recent New York Times article, he sneaks food, obsesses about food and has tried every diet and weight loss program available to shed pounds and alter his divisive relationship with food.  He has written a new book that charts his efforts to lose weight over a 10-month period.  He tries conventional diets, workout programs, 12-step programs, pretty much any approach that promises weight relief.

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    The book reveals a man truly haunted by food and by his inability to control a voracious appetite and it describes his relationship with the resulting weight he packs on.  Interestingly enough, he suggests that though he thinks some rather high profile comedians identify some of their "funniness" with their large bellies.  Jackie Gleason, John Candy, Chris Farley, among others, were funny partially because of their size and the ensuing jokes that were associated with that extra weight.  Of course, many overweight comedians have suffered from health issues directly connected to obesity, and more than a few have died prematurely.  Garlin himself suffered a mild stroke and was lucky to recover.  That brush with a serious medical event may have fueled his efforts to finally reduce his weight for good.


    So what is he doing to achieve sustained weight loss now?  Pilates, weight training, TM, psychotherapy, membership in Alcoholics and Overeaters Anonymous and regular visits to the Pritikin Longevity Center, according to the New York Times column.  He acknowledges that dietary transgressions are "merely speed bumps" and that he continues to have epiphanies about his relationship with food.  He's what we health experts call an ongoing lifestyle reform participant and my hope is that with all his insights and with his tremendous support system, he will get to a comfortable and healthy weight and emotional state. 

Published On: April 15, 2010