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  • The Jean Nidetch Story is about to hit bookshelves.  Who is Jean Nidetch?  She was an overweight housewife, struggling from childhood with weight issues back in the 1960's, who lost 70 pounds and....maintained that weight loss for decades after.  Anyone who has battled obesity knows what a huge success that is.  Her food obsession (among many) was Mallomars, a chocolate covered marshmallow cookie.  She'd hide them in hampers to keep her out-of-control eating a secret.  When a friend mistook her girth for a pregnancy, she knew she was in trouble.  She joined a diet program run by the NYC Board of Health Manhattan.  The woman running the meeting was slim, a nutritionist.  She had once been quite overweight and so she was perceived as one of them.

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    The diet she recommended included servings of fish weekly, replacing regular milk with skim milk daily and monitoring bread servings.  Jean started the diet and had immediate weight loss.  She shared the diet with some friends and that sharing experience grew into Weight Watchers International.  Jean has some very savvy tips that are worth sharing:


    Thin people let go of their forks.

    Thin people chew slowly and thoroughly

    Thin people stop during their eating and look around and observe

    Thin people stop and sit back and take a breathe during eating


    On the other hand:

    Many overweight people never let go of their forks during their meal.  They talk holding the fork, gesture with the fork

    Many overweight people shovel forkful after forkful of food into their mouths with no breaks

    Many overweight people sit down to eat and feed themselves until every last bite is gone, without ever engaging with their surroundings

    Many overweight people can't stop eating, and eat past the point of fullness


    Some of her other perspectives include the reality that you can't wish weight off - if you want it off, you need to do something about it.  She knows food is terrible company and ultimately food will not give you solace.  Anyone who has worked with chronically overweight individuals knows that you can offer education, support, strategies, counseling, gym memberships and even psychological counseling but the patient has to have a strong determination to change and to work through momentary or prolonged relapses.  Jean figured it out for herself and her journey has led to millions of women successfully shedding pounds and keeping them off.  Her book shares many of her own challenged moments as she shed and kept off those significant pounds.

    (Sourced from USA Today, March 23, 2010)


    One quick urban habit apparently going on among dieters- Windex has apparently become the "go to" liquid for spraying food thrown away into the garbage, so that a sudden change of heart on the part of a dieter, is disabled.  Dieters have been known to delve back into "clean garbage" and finish off the discarded food product.  A spray of Windex prevents that somewhat disordered behavior.

    (Sourced from a conversation overheard on my local N train in NY.  Confirmed by polling young women in the streets of NY)




Published On: May 11, 2010