Bariatric Surgery & Obesity: Lower Complications for Mother & Child, Lose Weight

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  • If you are even thinking of getting pregnant, then most health experts will tell you to lose weight if you are overweight. TIn fact, there's a new movement among OB/GYN practitioners to encourage women to get healthy before they become pregnant. The payoff can be huge in terms of reducing rates of complications associated with obesity. If you are at a normal weight or carrying less excess weight when you get pregnant, you can reduce the risk of certain problems in utero that your growing fetus might experience and you can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, and hypertensive disorders like pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. So it's not surprising to hear that a new study showcases a major finding that obese women who have bariatric surgery are far less likely to experience hypertensive disorders. That means that those women are less likely to end up in the hospital with complications and dangerous health conditions that can threaten their lives and the lives of their unborn baby.

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    Decades ago and even recently the notion was that if you got pregnant you can "throw it to the wind" and gorge yourself. Who doesn't have the image of a pregnant woman lying on a chaise lounge and eating chocolate bon bons because... well, because she's pregnant? I still have battles with OB/GYN specialists who refuse to recommend daily walking and dietary programs to their normal weight and overweight patients, though I am having far fewer battles. It's also become apparent that if you are already overweight when you become pregnant, you may now need to gain far fewer pounds to ensure that your health and your baby's health are maximized. That why it makes sense to prepare for the state of pregnancy by:

      • Getting a physical to make sure you are in good health, at an acceptable weight
      • Changing your diet if it is not well-balanced and nutritionally sound
      • Beginning some kind of exercise program so that you are fit - after all, the new life you are carrying deserves a body that can support both baby and mom
      • Getting help from a dietician or nutritionist if you do need to lose weight - you want to make sure that your continue to get adequate vitamins from your foods
      • Making sure you are getting enough sleep since pregnancy is a marathon of sorts and it makes huge demands on your body.

    Obviously it's fine to still have treats and enjoyable food moments even when pregnant, but it's also important to realize that the foods you are eating and your choice to exercise or not, directly affects the health of your baby - before and during pregnancy. So why not attempt to maximize your health (your spouseshould do it too) before you even decide to have the baby. The payoff will be huge!!



Published On: August 04, 2010