Pop Tarts Use Experimental Marketing in Times Square

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  • Thanks to the relatively new concept of experimental marketing, Pop-Tarts are invading Times Square. The world of Pop-Tarts will include a vending machine that apparently allows you to customize your variety pack of Pop-Tarts, a light show that simulates the look of frosting and even Pop-Tart sushi (how have we lived without that??) America's waistlines are growing and recent statistics show that even Colorado, the healthiest state, has above acceptable rates of obesity. And now we have another consumer venue that will do little to help this epidemic and much to encourage...more growing waistlines!!

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    I don't blame companies for trying to further its marketing line. Why not offer 30 desserts that include marshmallow spread between two frosted fudge Pop-Tart pastries or cinnamon rolls topped with cream cheese icing and chunks of cinnamon Pop-Tarts (my all time favorite when I was a kid and allowed a once a week treat)? And why not choose one of the most populated tourist attractions in the world? These pastries were introduced in 1964 when I was just a kid and there wasn't a child who didn't beg their parents to bring it home. The difference is that parents often times said no and we accepted it. And when they said yes, it was a really special occasion, and we ate our treat slowly, savored it and...then we went out to play for about 3 hours. Starting to see the difference from today's world??


    I can at least revel in the fact that the company is paying a lot of money in order to secure a location in this unique tourist paradise. On the other hand, that means the company will stop at nothing to intrigue visitors and entice them to fall in love with a Pop-tart and then go home, a newly converted Pop-Tart consumer. If I could minimally depend on the premise that a newly minted Pop-Tart lover will still gingerly position this new treat within a week's worth of balanced eating, I would feel little concern. Instead, most new convertees will make it a daily breakfast or snack staple, amongst a growing list of highly refined and processed foods that will contribute to a growing waistline, a corrupted palate and increased risk of chronic diseases.


    Oh, woe is me......I think I can smell those pasties from my apartment which means....so can the other 500 apartment dwellers in my complex!!



Published On: October 18, 2010