Long Lasting Effects of Over-Eating

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  • Since 2000, obesity surgeries have increased in England by 10-fold.  Specifically, gastric banding is seen as a way to lower overall health costs associated with obesity and reduce early death in patients struggling with obesity.


    The three different obesity surgeries are currently available in England:  reduction of the stomach pouch, re-routing the small intestine to the stomach and the gastric band.  In the year 2000, only 238 obesity-related surgeries were performed; in 2007 that number rose to 2543.  According to statistics, patients who underwent gastric banding had fewer complications, fewer hospital re-admissions and lower post-surgery death rates, when compared to the other surgical options. 

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    A new study reveals that over-eating for just a few weeks can change body fat composition with changes that persist for many years.  This has great relevance to certain periods in a person's life for example new dorm living, holiday periods that last (Thanksgiving through the New Year), extended honeymoons that seem to encourage momentary gluttony.  The implication is that periods of binging can cause weight gain and body fat gains that don't disappear, even after the binge period is over.  Since there is ongoing disagreement regarding whether you can make new fat cells after early childhood, this research may suggest that you can or that current fat cells can grow in size and then continue to sustain that size even after the gluttony is over.


    Nutritionists like me have always recommended that people figure out ways to have desserts and other food pleasures, within the framework of a healthy balanced diet.  Avoiding deprivation is the key to avoiding binging and gluttony.  If you feel deprived, and allow that feeling to persist, you will be more likely to indulge in an out of control food frenzy.  You will easily pile on pounds that may be likely to linger once you regain control of your eating.  So plot your moments of food delight and enjoy them.  Avoid going on a food binge that you somehow justify because it's just a few weeks in your life.  Those few weeks can end up costing you persistent weight gain that is resistant to weight loss.

Published On: October 07, 2010