Milk and Sugar Alternatives

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  • I recently wrote about the possibility of camel milk hitting store shelves soon.  One milk product that is popping up in supermarkets and health food stores across the nation is goat's milk.  In fact, worldwide it's the drink of choice more than any other milk. 


    Experts say that it is easier to digest because of its smaller fat globules.  It's an option for many who suffer from milk allergies.  It's also pretty rich and creamy which makes it a good ingredient for ice cream, and in fact, there are manufactured versions of goat's milk ice cream.    Laloo Goat Milk Ice Cream is one such manufacturer.  Meyenerg is another company that offers goat's milk cartons and goat's milk cheese.  And goat's milk is also an ideal ingredient which can be used in a French cheese, chevre, and in some Mexican candies called cajeta. 

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    Get ready for a new advertising campaign for high fructose corn syrup or HFCS.  The project involves a re-naming of this sweetener and an effort to try and garner more understanding for this sweet stuff.  The proposed name is corn sugar, and the educational effort will try and highlight a misuse of certain information gleaned from a 2004 article in a nutritional journal.  The study seemed to connect overconsumption of sugary drinks and obesity, and since the sweetener in most of the drinks was HFCS, it gained notoriety as a direct contributor to obesity.  While most experts acknowledge the inaccuracy f blaming HFCS specifically, some psychology researchers contend that HFCS may somehow be a bit more problematic, and possibly metabolize more quickly than traditional sugar sources.  This theory has been disputed by other experts and researchers who found the Princeton studies that suggested HFCS is somehow more contributory to the obesity epidemic, flawed. 


    Whether it's HFCS, table sugar or some other form of sweetener, it's clear that Americans -both adult s and kids - eat too many sweetened and processed foods.  So if HFCS was the vector to highlight this food trend of way too much sugar consumption, so be it.  And don't turn to artificial sweeteners as a total solution, since they too have evidence showing that they can also contribute to obesity.  Try fruit puree as a sweetener in baked goods and use it as a yogurt mix in.  Or just grab a delicious piece of fruit that's in season and get your palate accustomed to natural sweetness.


Published On: December 17, 2010