Study Finds Adenovirus 36 Virus May Cause Childhood Obesity

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  • A new study published in the September issue of the journal, Pediatrics, seems to confirm the theory that a particular virus may be contributing to the obesity epidemic in kids and teens.  The Adenovirus 36 seems to be present more frequently in obese than non-obese children.  And titers of neutralizing antibodies to AD36 are observed in subsets of obese children.  Clearly the next step would be for researchers to use this information to help treat obese children and teens and to prevent obesity in future generations.


    A new study suggests that having an overweight roommate in college may actually help you to avoid gaining significant weight.  We already know that if you are friends with overweight individuals, or a member of an over-sized family, then your eating habits when you get together may be influenced by their size and how they eat, with it being more likely that you will measure your body size to theirs and if smaller, feel that it's OK to overeat.  You may also feel more comfortable overeating with them since it seems to be the norm at the table.  Well this new study suggests that the not so much the weight of your roommate but the fact that they may constantly diet, exercise or both in an effort to lose weight, might make you more prone to do the same.

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    Three square meals or grazing...which bodes a better eating method for weight loss?  According to a new study it may be a better strategy to eat "3 squares a day" if you want to lose weight.  The mini-meal eating concept may not help you to feel full for a substantial amount of time.  Since one of the keys to dieting and weight loss is "feeling full," the concept of grazing may end up with an individual eating too many "frequent meals" or eating too much at too many "small" meals.


    One of the keys to weight control is finding what works for you personally.  If you somehow find that small, more frequent feedings works better for your lifestyle then consider including a serving of protein in each "feeding," so that you are more likely to feel satiated.  Obviously, if you decide to follow a 3 meals a day program, then make sure to include high fiber produce, lean proteins, and a serving of whole grain carbohydrate and healthy fat in each meal.


Published On: December 17, 2010