Processed Grains Worse than Saturated Fats in Heart Heart, Alpha-Carotene Helps

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  • Experts have taken a second look at dietary saturated fat and its relationship to weight gain and health issues.  Certainly fat free, low fat, high carbohydrate diets have all taken a place in the sphere of weight loss and lifestyle change.  The Atkin's diet, the most popular high protein, higher fat diet was first demonized by most heart specialists and dieticians.  But a review of epidemiological studies last year suggested that saturated fat may not be the villain in and of itself, but rather the accompanying processed carbohydrates that often get included cause weight gain and cholesterol profile changes.  You don't just go out to have a juicy beef burger; you have it on a huge bun.  You don't just have fried chicken, you have it with a huge dollop of mashed potatoes.  You don't just have a large steak; you have it with a couple of buttered rolls and fries.  So the additional large carbohydrate meal component, that usually does not source from whole grains, may have complicated the health statistics that involve heart disease, and been the true contributor to elevated rates of cholesterol levels and heart disease often associated with just saturated fat consumption.  The take-away message is probably that moderate consumption of saturated fat and decreased consumption of processed grains may be a better approach to a healthy heart profile.

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    Which exercise formula is best for you, if you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?

    You can significantly lower your blood sugar level with an exercise program that has a component of aerobic exercise and a component of weight training.  A new study recently published in JAMA offers the best recent supportive confirmation that a combination exercise program offers the best blood sugar control.  So doctors can now offer a solid, well proven "prescription recommendation" of an exercise program that incorporates aerobic exercise that raises your heart rate, along with weight training to build muscle mass. Writing this on an actual prescription pad might be a way to encourage a commitment to a non-medicinal based treatment therapy for blood sugar control, along with traditional medications.


    Embrace the color orange in your fruit and vegetable produce section.  That means you can eat tangerines, oranges, carrots, pumpkin, orange peppers because the anti-oxidant alpha-carotene seems to promote longevity and a lower risk of dying from heart disease and cancers, especially when present in high levels in a person's bloodstream.  The author of a study that looked at the impact of this anti-oxidant said it was quite intriguing to see the association between specific blood level ranges of alpha-carotene and a 40% associated reduction in death from heart disease and cancer in patients with disease and high levels of the anti-oxidant.  Even mid-range blood levels of the anti-oxidant had a 27% reduction impact on mortality rates, when compared to study participants with the absolute lowest level.


Published On: December 29, 2010