Weight Loss Strategies for Treating Obesity

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  • Do you still remember your weight loss resolutions?  Do you?  Here are some easy strategies to help you keep shedding pounds and living a healthier lifestyle:


    If you haven't already, lose the liquid calories and make water, zero calorie flavored waters and unsweetened teas your beverages of choice.  Check out my past blog on milk to see which milk you'd like to include in your daily liquid intake.  One or two servings of 1% or fat free milk are a good way to get vitamin D and calcium.


    Use tall skinny glasses whenever possible.  When we visually see a taller thinner glass, we tend to pour and drink less liquid which can be helpful when enjoying alcoholic or calorie laden beverages.

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    Nix serving any dishes "family style" except for an undressed salad or fruit salad.  Having large platters of food on the table encourages second helpings even when you're already full


    Never use tablespoons, even for soups.  Using a teaspoon slows down your eating pace and you will have a fighting chance to feel full within 20 minutes. 


    Use smaller dinner plates so that your plate visually appears full.  Part of your feeling full depends on your eyes registering a large amount of food and sending that message to your brain.


    Portion your plate contents.  Fill half of that smaller dinner plate with vegetables and fruit, one quarter of the plate with a lean protein and one quarter of the plate with a healthy grain choice.


    Keep the TV off and if you play music, play softer classical music or ballads.  Loud, fast paced music inspires a faster pace of eating and drinking, according to one study.


    Start your meal with a broth-based vegetable soup or a cup of low sodium vegetable juice or with a dinner salad, with dressing on the side.  Filling up first with vegetables and delaying the main course will again, allow you to register some sense of fullness so you either eat less or are satisfied with your main dish.


    Do you have any new or time-tested strategies you'd like to share?  Or, let us know if these tips help!!



Published On: February 16, 2011