Some Diet Rules That May NOT be Serving Your Waistline

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  • No red meat allowed is a standard dietary rule. Red meat has gotten a bad rap because many cuts, and in fact the preferred cuts, may have quite a dose of saturated fat.  Red meat is a good source of iron, so including it with measured frequency - and the key words are portion size and lean cuts - can be part of a healthy diet that provides taste and satiation, if you happen to enjoy the taste of red meat.  If you don't happen to like red meat or feel you can live without it, that's an OK decision, however, there is no reason to totally remove red meat from a balanced healthy diet if you happen to like it.  If you enjoy red meat, just make sure to watch how frequently you eat it, your portion size, and the cut of the meat.  Also remember that grilling and charring it can increase the production of carcinogens, so simply marinate it well, bake it and then finish it on the grill.

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    Never eat after dinner is a good mantra in the sense that most of us do much of our physical movement during the day and we tend to slow down at night.  If you are counting calories and eating a balanced diet, you can save some calories for an after dinner snack.  Also, if you exercise after work, in the evening, you will want to save some calories for your post workout meal and possibly a snack.  The challenge for most people is to stick with that calorie-controlled snack, as opposed to a never-ending food grazing experience after dinner.  It is so easy to grab handfuls of food periodically at night, and to not realize that you're consuming an extra meal's worth or two of calories.  Your waistline won't withstand that habit.  Many people find it's just easier to finish dinner and simply not eat again till the next morning, rather than trying to control post dinner feedings.  When the TV is on for hours, it's also easy to consume calories without realizing just how much you're eating.


    Never give in to cravings is another habit that seems to make sense.  Most people who try to defy a craving usually end up denying themselves the pleasure of eating the food and then later on have a full blown out-of-control binge.  So what's the best response to a craving?  If the craving is recurring, make sure you investigate to see if you are missing some nutrients in your daily eating that may be instigating the craving.  Also make sure that you are not on a deprivation diet whose calorie count is so low, that you are suffering all day with thoughts of food and eating.  Next, try and find some good selections that satisfy your cravings and portion control these choices.  A few small squares of dark chocolate accompanied by a hot beverage like tea can satisfy; so can a couple of cups of air popped popcorn, apple or pear slices or berries drizzled with a bit of dark melted chocolate; a low calorie yogurt with some whole grain cereal mixed in or a small handful of nuts can satisfy you or you can try some cut up veggies and soy beans.  These are tasty snacks with good nutritional benefits and they are satisfying.  If you find that satisfying a craving instigates out-of-control eating, then you may have some more serious food issues that require behavioral therapy and counseling.


Published On: March 03, 2011