Seven Superstar Breakfasts

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  • You keep hearing experts say that you should start your day with a balanced breakfast.  A recent study suggests that if you are trying to lose weight you should probably reserve the bulk of your first meal of the day for after exercise, so that your body is forced to draw upon glycogen and then fat reserves.  But for most of us a breakfast can jumpstart our day and energize our physical and mental stores.  But even a breakfast meal that is healthy and balanced requires portion control and a target of about 300-400 calories.  Another new study suggests that people who overeat at breakfast time do not lower the calorie counts of lunch, dinner and snacks to compensate for the big breakfast.  So if you're trying to lose weight or maintain your weight, breakfast has to be nutritious and calorie savvy.  Remember to take note of a serving size of each ingredient and then tally those calories to make sure you fall within the recommended up to 400 calories rule.  Here are some great breakfast menu suggestions:

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    Doctor up that plain bowl of oatmeal with non fat milk (or almond milk), raisins, nuts and some flaxseed.

    If you're tired of oatmeal try millet, with its slightly nutty flavor.


    Have a whole grain English muffin filled with turkey bacon, spinach leaves, tomato slices and some hummus.


    Add sautéed spinach and leftover white meat chicken to your egg white omelet and wrap it in a whole grain/low carb tortilla.


    Half a small melon and fill it with Greek low fat yogurt, banana slices, slivered almonds and a sprinkle of dark chocolate chips.


    Take 2 whole grain waffles (each should have about 80 calories) and smear with apple butter and low fat peanut butter and cube apples over it.


    Grab a whole grain cereal and add dried fruit and nuts and almond milk and 1 teaspoon of wheat germ.


    Make turkey, cubed tomato and avocado pinwheels rolled in whole grain wraps with fat free cream cheese.


    Even a thin crust vegetable and low fat cheese pizza that you make at home can be a breakfast selection.  The idea is to stick to about 350-400 calories (depending on your fitness commitment and appropriate daily calorie allotment) and include a healthy lean protein, some vegetables and/or fruit, a serving or two of whole grains (again based on your day's anticipated calorie burning activity, weight goals) and a small amount of healthy fat. 


    What's your healthy breakfast idea?

Published On: March 08, 2011