Make/Eat This Not That: A Smarter Dieting Tool

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  • You've seen the books out there with their Eat This Not That recognizable titles.  And the concept makes sense.  Choosing your fast food selections carefully, with some thought to calories and ingredients, is certainly healthier than indulging in a free-for-all every time you frequent a fast food restaurant. 


    On the other hand, the true message may be a bit duplicitous considering that no one should be subsisting on a diet of fast food on a regular basis.  Fast food and most restaurant foods in general tend to be somewhat heavy-handed when it comes to oil, sodium and sugar.  If you look at the nutritional breakdowns on a fast food menu you will find that by the time you order the main dish, a side dish and a beverage, you are well over the recommended calorie count for a lunch or dinner and you have certainly experienced a whopping dose of certain less healthy ingredients.  Having a fast food lunch or dinner occasionally is one thing, eating this and not that on a regular basis may make for somewhat healthier selections but not healthy selections.  So how do you use the concept more to your advantage?

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    • Eat fruits and vegetables instead of highly processed snacks as your primary choice
    • Eat low fat or fat free plain yogurt and add berries, cinnamon, nuts or whole grain cereal instead of an ice cream parfait as your primary choice
    • Use almond milk or flavored soy milk as your coffee creamer most of the time
    • Brown bag a sandwich that you prepare at home so you control bread, bun or wrap choice, and add lots of greens and cut up vegetables to bulk up the sandwich, most days of the week instead of buying your lunch.
    • Make your own flavored waters or seltzers by adding a dash of juice or a squeeze of lemon or lime or brew your own tea and flavor it with orange and lemon slices
    • Make simple soups at home by using fat free chicken broth or vegetable broth, low sodium vegetable juice and adding a variety of vegetables including onions or garlic.  Puree some of the cooked vegetables and add them back into the soup for a thicker consistency.  Store bought soups can be notoriously high in sodium and oils.
    • Use homemade balsamic and olive oil or fat free mayo mixed with mustard dressing that you transport in tiny plastic containers for that store bought undressed salad.  Or just get the healthiest dressing you can find on the side and measure a few teaspoonfuls on your salad.

    The idea is to eat this, as in takeout fast food, infrequently, while eating that, food you make yourself most of the time.  It will be easier on your waistline, your budget and better for your health!!


    Do you have an eat this not that swap out you want to share??




Published On: March 22, 2011