Are Parents and Schools Causing the Fattening of American Children?

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  • Just who is contributing significantly to the ongoing obesity crisis among kids in America today?  Certainly electronics in the form of TV, video gaming, computer time and phone/texting time are all contributing.  Certainly food manufacturers and fast food restaurants are contributing.  The lack of physical education in schools is contributing. Neighborhoods that aren't safe for playtime outside are contributing.  So what else is contributing?


    Parents who:

    • Reward excellence with food
    • Bring fattening post sports snacks to practice and sports events
    • Model poor eating and exercise habits
    • Refuse to admit they need to learn about nutrition
    • Buy excessive amounts of processed foods
    • Take their kids almost exclusively to fast food restaurants
    • Are miserable being overweight, and make no effort to change how they run their kitchens and food lives
    • Refuse to allow their pediatricians to speak frankly with them regarding obvious pediatric weight issues
    • Introduce soda to babies
    • Allow babies to drink bottle after bottle of juice
    • Don't menu plan and buy more processed food snacks than fruits and vegetables
    • Parents who tell their kids never to drink from school water fountains because of germs
    • Who rarely cook from scratch in their kitchen
    • Are in ......denial

    It is hard to be a parent today.  Most households have two hard working parents and kids often come home to an empty home.  Parents are stressed and have little sown time for themselves.  So it requires a supreme effort to organize your life as a parent so that you do have a healthy home and you do try to live a healthy life.  Tips that can help include:

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    • Menu planning
    • Shopping with a list
    • Making sure there are healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables in the frig
    • Creating healthy trail mix and other quick grab less processed pantry snacks
    • Buying non meat proteins
    • Letting your kids make food decisions with guidance
    • Spending time in the kitchen with your kids prepping and preparing meals and snacks
    • Taking walks and playing sports with your kids
    • Taking a cooking class with your kids
    • Visiting a Farmer's Market on the weekend with your kids and taking taste tests of new "healthy" foods

    Maybe you don't have the time to implement all of these suggestions.  Even embracing some of these tips as regular habits can help your kids avoid the obesity trap and help your family to have healthier habits.


Published On: June 03, 2011