Does Gaining Weight Equal Losing Your Mate?

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  • A new Cosmo survey of 80,000 men reveals that 50% of the respondents would leave their girlfriend if she began to gain a significant amount of weight. What?? You mean male love is skin deep? Well wait a moment - let me clarify the results a bit further. It wasn't that voluptuous women turned their guy off, but rather a man seeing his partner begin to and continue to gain weight during their relationship--that seemed to be a turn off and "scram" motivator. And pundits and health and relationship experts couldn't wait to put their spin on this new finding. Most seemed to feel that men interpret weight gain as a sign that their partner may ultimately begin to feel less sexual, and therefore BE less sexual. A recent study certainly confirmed that extra pounds can hurt you professionally, impacting career advancement. So maybe men are just acknowledging that a woman who begins to gain weight is in essence saying, "I don't feel good about myself and so I am going to bandage my feelings with food. Who cares if it affects my career or other parts of my life?'

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    Let me start by confirming that the Cosmo survey did not look at how relative weight affects or influences married folk. Here's my theory on the survey. Maybe the men's response is actually a representation of survival of the fittest. Just maybe, the men's reaction is directly correlated to ongoing obesity trends. Here are the facts. We all know how extra weight increases the risk of a number of dangerous and chronic diseases. We also know, thanks to numerous studies, that couples who are over eat beget children who are usually destined to be overweight. So whether the men realize it or not, they may be actually responding to nature's cues to avoid choosing overweight women as their significant others, thus helping to thwart the ongoing obesity upward trajectory that our population is experiencing. I know that most people are rather offended that men could be so shallow and not look past a woman's body, as it grows, simply engaging with her wonderful qualities. I know that we all hate to admit that sexual attraction is vital to a relationship and might actually have a higher "value" than even long term emotional commitment. So let me pose theory number two to help defend our young men.


    Maybe the guys don't even realize it, but their unhappiness with seeing a mate's weight gain is actually because they recognize that dating should lead to a commitment and marriage. If the weight gain continues during the marriage, then they may be stuck with a spouse who will require serious caretaking in their senior years. So rather than a retirement filled with travel and great sex and enjoyable day-to-day life experiences, the men are subliminally projecting their fear that they will just be spending each day at the doctor's office or at the hospital bedside of their wives. Again, making this "leave the growing girlfriend" a behavior of natural selection of the healthiest!! I might also point out that a new study suggests that as we get older, both men and women value body function over body appearance. Truthfully, your body is not going to function well if it's carrying excess weight, especially when you get older. So again, here's evidence that the young men are simply choosing health and quality of life as represented by a woman's weight stability!!


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    C'mon folks, let's see the scientific "positive" rather than throw these men under the bus for superficial behaviors!!

    What do you think??? Would weight gain be a deal breaker in your relationship?


Published On: August 03, 2011