Bones Can Go Weak While Dieting

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  • You decide to go on a diet to lose the excess weight that is endangering your health. "Very good," says this Health Coach. Unfortunately, while dieting, you can miss out on some important nutrients because you might choose to cut out most dairy products, which you prefer in full fat version or not at all. Skim milk, fat free or low fat yogurt, fat free hard cheeses all disinterest you. Then you regain the weight and diet again......and again. According to a new study you might need to re-consider how you diet if you want to preserve bone health.


    The study was published online at The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, and the results showed that eating foods rich in protein, especially from the dairy group, will help to preserve vital bone density during a weight loss program.  The study involved 3 separate groups of overweight or obese patients, who were otherwise healthy and all pre-menopause. Groups were assigned low, medium or high dairy food consumption, in combination with either high or low amounts of protein and carbohydrate foods. Researchers specifically noted the total amounts of calcium and vitamin D consumed by each group. All the women exercised seven days a week and their routines included aerobic training daily, and 2 circuit training sessions with weights.

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    The researchers' data revealed that what you choose to eat, specifically, as you reduce calories in order to lose weight can profoundly impact your bone density. Dairy-sourced protein seems to be crucial in helping to avoid some undesired negative outcomes from dieting, namely accelerated bone loss. Young women especially, need to be cued in to the importance of food choices, if they decide to diet for health. Certainly weight training and aerobic activity that involves "pounding the ground" like hiking, jogging and running can help to support bone health. But you need the necessary building blocks, like calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and phosphorus in order to maintain and build new bone cells. So a weight-loss diet rich in those nutrients would be considered a "high quality weight loss diet," because it allows you to achieve the necessary weight loss without sacrificing bone health.


    A previous study (I.D.E.A.L. Diet) had shown similar results.  It should be noted that the I.D.E.A.L. Diet (Improving Diet Exercise and Lifestyle) for Women study was funded by Dairy Farmers of Canada, the US Dairy Research Institute.


Published On: December 02, 2011