Color of Plate Colors Portion Size and Weight Loss Products Yanked

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  • Previous research suggests that "color" can impact how much you eat. One past study seemed to indicate that the color of the walls in a dining room or kitchen and how well lit these areas are, could affect your appetite or simply how you visualize your meal which in turn, might lead you to eat more. We also know that the size of your plate can impact how much food you eat. The larger the dish along with a bigger portion that you may take, then displayed on the plate, and you will tend to eat beyond the full point.


    Now a new study suggests that if the color of the food is similar to the color of the plate you are using - for example, cream colored pasta on a beige or white color plate - you may tend to serve yourself more than you might, if the color contrast between the food and the plate under it was more significant. Serving tomato sauce-laden spaghetti on a white plate? Your portion size may tend to be smaller, because of the color contrast. However, some other strong contrasts like a white plate sitting on a very dark colored tablecloth may actually inspire bigger portions. Put a white plate on a white tablecloth and portions became smaller.  So I am now only serving "dark food" on smaller, light colored plates, which sit on light colored tablecloths!!!

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    Consumers still turn to weight loss supplements and dietary OTCs despite the position of many health experts with regards to safety and efficacy. The FDA and the FTC have now taken a firm position on any products containing HCG, calling these items "fraudulent and illegal." Most of the diets that involve these products call for very low calorie eating programs (500 calories) which can put consumers at risk of malnutrition, electrolyte imbalances, gallstones and even cardiac arrythmias. Frankly, those low calorie diets are also the reason why you are losing the weight!!  Makers of the supplements don't dispute that, but claim the HCG helps keep you satiated.  The FDA has sent out cease and desist letters to seven companies who tout these products on websites that claim  "lose 26 pounds in 26 days." Many of these supplements and weight loss products fall under the header "homeopathic remedies" and the seven companies who received the FDA warning include:

    • HCG Direct
    • Nutri Fusion Systems
    • Natural Medical Supply
    • HCG Complete Diet
    • HCG Platinum

    If you do want to lose weightm engage the help of your doctor or a qualified health professional.  They can offer dietary, exercise guidance, as well as ongoing counseling and support.

Published On: December 14, 2011