The Bride-to-Be "K-E" Feeding Tube Diet

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  • I was a bride once. It was quite a long time ago, but I still remember how I was driven to look perfect for my wedding day. It inspired portion controlled eating, daily exercise and a host of skin treatments sure to help me glow on that special day. I had three months to lose weight, and I remember that wonderful feeling you get when you see yourself in the dress for the final fitting, and your waist has whittled, and your hip area no longer pushes out in the dress, and your arms look slim and sculpted. I lost about 20 pounds in those 3 months and certainly sculpted some significant muscle tone. I followed a safe, healthy and effective approach to looking better and frankly feeling better, for what is probably one of the most important days in a woman's life.

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    Training as a Physician Assistant I was often exposed to learning by demonstration, and in the case of injections, we practiced giving shots to each other and even drawing blood from each other. One especially unpleasant experience was learning to place N-G or naso-gastric tubes into each other's nostril and down into the stomach. N-G tubes are used to feed patients who are compromised and cannot eat and they're sometimes used to remove gastric contents, in the case of a certain poisonings. We practiced on each other to learn empathy - if you know how unpleasant something feels, you are more likely to be gentle and supportive when you have to do it to someone else. I would never want an N-G tube put in me again....ever. So I am beyond disbelief to hear that women who want to drop weight quickly are enduring feeding tubes and 800 calories of liquid daily as their quick fix. According to news reports, American women are way behind the trend on this one - it's being done in Europe and has been an option for several years. All that comes to my mind right now is ......sick.....really, really sick And who do I blame most of all? In this case, I blame the doctors.


    As far as I am concerned, a patient can make the most outrageous requests - think Michael Jackson and his home use of propofol. We know how that ended. But the point is that he was able to find doctors willing to support behavior below the "standard of care," for financial gains and probably a bit of fame too. Not too hard to find a doctor, in this case, Dr.Di Pietro in Florida, to help these "desperate brides" (his term not mine) use a procedure meant for compromised patients, to facilitate quick weight loss. You worried about thin models sending the wrong message to kids? How about women running around and doing their daily duties with a feeding tube up their nose for no better reason than quick weight loss??? I can only end by saying the following - the world has gone mad.





Published On: April 17, 2012