Jessica Simpson's Pounds Just Didn't Melt Away

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  • Many years ago there was a catchy tag line to a popular commercial, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”  The commercial was an advertisement for indigestion relief with Alka-Seltzer, and most people could easily identify with the theme of over-eating and then needing quick relief from the discomfort.  Well, according to recent reports, Jessica Simpson can’t believe she ate “the whole thing” for nine months and then didn’t experience magical weight loss in the delivery room.  The exact comment heard round the world was, “I didn’t realize the weight didn’t all come off with the baby.”  She has also been quoted as saying that this was her first pregnancy and she really wanted to enjoy it…be happy and eat what she wanted.  It has been suggested that she may have gained as much as 60 or 70 plus pounds.  According to certain media outlets, her go to foods were PopTarts (supposedly buttered) and macaroni and cheese. 

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    She now knows that pounds don’t exactly melt away magically.  And it can’t feel too good to be facing significant excess weight once you’ve given birth.  In fact, with the sleepless nights and extra new workload that comes with a new baby, the last thing a woman wants to deal with is excessive excess weight.  Nor can it make sense to most people that eating lots of unhealthy foods during pregnancy is a good idea for the child growing in utero.  But Jessica’s Simpson’s journey is the journey of many women post-baby.  She has chosen to target health as a goal to inspire her weight loss and has partnered with Weight Watchers PointsPlus program to guide her daily diet.  In fact, she is including 14 family members and friends to join her in her weight loss journey.  Jessica chose this program because the point system allows her to still enjoy measured portions of some favorite foods, while choosing predominantly healthy, nutritious staples as the mainstay of her daily meals and snacks.  Jessica has been walking about 60 minutes daily and wears a pedometer to carefully track her steps.  She shared that her husband has always been healthy, eating a vegetarian-based diet and exercising regularly, so he is hugely supportive of her efforts. 


    So let’s analyze the “dos’ and don’ts and take a lesson (or two) from the Jessica Simpson playbook. 

    The don’ts:

    • Eating a highly caloric, highly processed diet during pregnancy can raise health risks for mom and baby.
    • Eating highly caloric food that has little nutrient value to quell cravings can impact your health and the future health of your child.
    • Not exercising while pregnant (once you are cleared by your obstetrician) can mean excess weight gain and it can be very daunting and depressing to try and lose postpartum weight.
    • Deluding yourself into thinking that excess pounds will melt away magically is not based in reality.


    The do’s:

    • During pregnancy feed cravings with healthier foods - exercise during pregnancy - generally eat a balanced and nutritions diet - only add about 300 calories daily unless otherwise instructed by your doctor
    • Once baby is born, engaging in a healthy diet and exercise program means safe and steady weight loss for mom
    • Engaging in a healthy lifestyle change also means you will be setting a great example for your child
    • Using a support system of family and friends helps to keep you committed and on track
    • Choosing a goal of health will allow you to achieve milestones and intermittent goals feeling less pressure
    • Specifically addressing diet and weight issues with your OB/GYN can help you to gain an appropriate amount of weight and head off excess weight gain


  • The bottom line:  Meeting with a nutritionist or dietician before you decide to get pregnant or early in your pregnancy can also help you to establish a well-balanced diet that fulfills your health needs and supports your growing child.  Beginning or continuing an exercise program can help to balance your energy needs and limit excess weight gain.

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Published On: September 11, 2012