Write or Shoot Your Weight Away

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  • If you decide to have a conversation with your doctor or a dietician or nutritionist, chances are at some point during the conversation or later visits, the concept of keeping a journal will come up.  The journal is a tool that experts believe keeps you honest IF you are somewhat compulsive, writing down the kinds and amounts of food you eat daily.  The journal can also include daily reports on exercise and physical activity, your emotional state, cravings, and other information that helps you to “get in touch with reality.”  Keeping a journal can be a big help when it comes to staying on track, and those entries can help you to achieve minor and major weight and health milestones.  You can even post blood work or other health screening test results that clearly showcase your lifestyle change efforts. 

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    Thanks to new technology, you can no longer complain that you couldn’t post your daily activities because you forgot your journal or notebook at home.  Your iPhone or Droid phone allows you to keep notes, as does your ipad.  There are dozens of apps that allow you to track eating, calories, activity and more.  And there’s even a visual way to keep track of your progress.  One woman, who took a year to shed close to 160 pounds, took photos of herself in the dressing rooms as she shed pounds and dropped sizes.  Her year’s worth of photographs was jaw dropping, in terms of showcasing the saga of weight loss.  A recent interview highlighted the subtle changes month to month.  But when you looked at the photos one after another over the course of a year, the metamorphosis of her body and face was simply astounding.  Clearly a new and modern way to journal one’s weight loss experience.


    An important element of keeping an ongoing record of progress and changes, is to commit to keeping tabs on your daily habits once you hit a final health or weight goal.  The biggest mistake dieters make when they achieve their final number is to assume that they are somehow cured.  Not quite, say most experts.  The rate of relapse when it comes to weight loss is quite high.  So many “successful” dieters, who have maintained a significant weight loss for more than five years, will continue to journal, weigh themselves daily, write daily/weekly exercise commitments in a calendar, and even chart portion sizes.  Individuals, who follow a program like Weight Watchers Points, still tally daily points while in maintenance mode.  When you’re dealing with a disease like obesity, success may lie in the vigilance maintained after you lose the weight.  Since most of us have these gadgets and gizmos that allow us to track our every move, 24/7, there is no excuse.  Journal or shoot your way loss and then keep the habit in place!!


    And a new study suggests that commercial weight loss programs like Weight Watchers can be succesful in helping individuals to take off weight and keep it off.  In some cases, the commerical program can match or beat an individualized program serviced by a single health professional.

Published On: October 09, 2012