Year End Health Headlines

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  • Here is a summary of some recent health headlines that should nudge you to lose weight and get healthier in 2013.  As they say, the truth shall set you free……or inspire change!!


    Holidays Could Pose Problems for Undiagnosed Diabetics


    For most people, overeating and indulging during the weeks between Halloween and New Year’s Day can simply mean a few extra pounds to deal with in the New Year.  But if you eat a mostly high fat, high sugar, high salt, calorie-heavy diet for almost 2 months and you are suffering with pre-diabetes or clinical insulin resistance, that type of eating can push your body into full blown type 2 diabetes.  And along with the full expression of the disease may come symptoms like urinary frequency, thirst, weight loss, blurred vision, and of course a high blood sugar level when a blood test is finally performed.  Along with high blood sugar levels, which weaken the immune system, the patient may experience a cold or some kind of infection that does not resolve.  Once diabetes is diagnosed you can reverse the disease, but not fully eradicate the condition. (Source: NewsWise)

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    In US, Current Lifestyle Choices Thwarting Heart Health Milestones


    Even though Americans have managed to lower rates of hypertension and smoking and overall cholesterol levels, every 40 seconds one person will die from heart disease.  What’s leading the way to these dramatic statistics?  The ever-present poor eating habits and lack of exercise that is still prevalent. Nearly one third of all Americans get “zero minutes of aerobic exercise weekly,” and more than 68% of Americans are overweight or obese.  Experts suggest that there still needs to be an effort to get people to “take ownership of their health situation and make necessary, sustainable changes.” (Source: HealthDay)


    Salty Foods Make Kids Want Sugary Drinks


    Kids who eat a diet rich in salty foods will typically “wash those foods down” with a high calorie, sugary drink.  A study that looked at a cross-section of Australian kids found that the more highly processed, salty foods kids ate, the greater the number of sugary drinks they consumed.  And along with the consumption of the sugary drinks, there was a correlation of excess weight.  The concern is that salty foods can heighten risk of hypertension, and the excess calories from the beverages increase risk of obesity.  The two diseases combined raise overall risk of diabetes and heart disease. (Source: MedPage)


    School Lunches Allowed to Relax Food Rules a Bit


    Though some schools have managed the shift to healthier, more calorie conscious lunch and snack choices with ease, other schools have struggled.  Kids throwing away lunches, complaining that they are still hungry or just turning their noses up at new choices has been a prevailing problem in some school districts.  So U.S. regulators have relaxed some of the guidelines a bit, as a response to school officials and parents concerns that the kids are “hungry, unhappy victims” of a robust effort to improve their health.  Most nutrition experts feel that these adjustments are minor and do not undermine the overall effort to make school lunches more balanced in terms of their calories, fat, sodium and sugar profile.  And everyone recognizes that the overhaul of the schools’ food programs is a work in progress with many stages of transition necessary to accomplish the goal of healthier school food choices. (Source: Chicago Tribune)


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Published On: December 19, 2012