Consumer Reports Says Best Diet Helper is Free

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  • It’s the start of a new year and that means dieters, start your engines.  If you are a first time dieter or an old pro at losing and gaining weight, it may help to know, what others who diet, think, about the current cache of current plans and options. Consumer Reports surveyed over 9300 readers and found that MyFitnessPal, a smartphone app and website that allows you to create your own plan, ranked #1 among those surveyed.  You easily track your calories, and with a top score of 83 out of 100, it beat Weight Watchers for “helping to keep the weight off once you take it off.”


    The Paleo Diet, another do-it-yourself diet in terms of setting personal dieting parameters, scored an 80.  The Paleo Diet emphasizes caveman-like eating with fish and meat high on the list, while grains and dairy are shunned.  Another DIY diet, the Mediterranean Diet scored a 77, and SparkPeople, an app and website scored a 76.  The South Beach Diet scored 72, while the Glycemic Index Diet got a 71.  The Atkin’s Diet got a 70, while Weight Watchers scored a 73.  MediFast, a commercial diet often monitored by physicians, scored about the same as Weight Watchers, while Jenny Craig scored a 60 and Nutrisystem scored a 56.

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    Readers who were surveyed scored their overall satisfaction with these plans (many had tried several), and were then asked to rate satisfaction specifically with four commercial diets that require paid membership and/or expect purchase of their foods, and then nine DIY diets, no membership or food purchase required.  Questions about exercise component, whether or not fruit and vegetable consumption was emphasized, how quickly weight loss occurred, and how long weight goal was maintained, were included in the survey.  One interesting observation by the Consumer Reports team was that overall satisfaction with a plan did not always correlate with most pounds lost.  What seemed to be equally, if not more important, was how well the diet fit into a person’s lifestyle. 


    Have you tried any of these diets?  Is there another diet not mentioned in the list that worked for you (or was imp[ossible to follow)?  How do you choose a diet plan?  Is exercise a key component or do you just focus on food restrictions?  Would you have ranked these diets similarly?  Share with us!!

Published On: January 05, 2013