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  • Here's a round up of some recent obesity-related news:


    Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes: Newly Diagnosed Patients

    With diabetes rates soaring, especially lifestyle-related diabetes type 2, health care professionals face telling a patient some rather upsetting and distressing news, when they share this diagnosis.  It is suggested that as many as 86 million individuals may be at risk for type 2 diabetes.  Typically, a doctor or physician assistant may deliver the news, and you may then get a referral to a diabetes educator. 


    Diabetes educators are individuals who have the knowledge and skill to work with patients newly diagnosed, or those with long-term diabetes, to help them manage their lives.  Certainly how you are told when given the diagnosis will certainly impact your next steps in disease management.  At HealthCentral we have a robust diabetes center, which offers a wealth of information for patients at risk of diabetes, and for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

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    Estrogen Linked to Obesity?

    A new PLOS One study suggests that estrogen appears to play an important role in the risk of developing obesity.  In more affluent societies, there may be an environmental impact on levels of estrogen in men, making the estrogen levels a driver in rates of male obesity.  So men who grow up or live in these more affluent socioeconomic circumstances may have this higher risk of developing obesity.  Researchers are continuing to look at this phenomenon.


    Popular Kids May Not Have Health Influence

    It seemed almost intuitive that if you enlist the more popular teens at schools to help push healthier lifestyle habits and messaging, that it would impact large groups of teens who “want to be like the cool kids.”  Well, this research  hypothesis did not quite pan out.  Loyola University researchers were surprised to find out that this strategy would have marginal, if any, impact on teen obesity habits, and overall obesity rates. 


    The study was an extension of previous studies that have suggested that “your circle of friends can influence your weight.”  In the prior studies, it was noted that teens were more likely to gain weight if their friends were overweight.  But researchers were surprised to find that trying to identify the popular kids (perceived popular by everyone’s standards) and then assuming that their impact extends to the lifestyle choices of others around them (who are not part of their inner circle), was a bit of a stretch, and simply did not play out.  Researchers still want to explore social networks and their possible impact on health and, specifically, weight.


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Published On: June 19, 2014