Exercising with Your Dog for Weight Loss

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    I just saw an ad in the weekend newspaper that targeted overweight dogs.  "All that extra weight won't just slow her down - it will break her down."  Oh my, oh my - our dogs have gone to the dogs.  Seriously, I write about how 2 year olds don't march themselves down to the local fast food haunt to try French fries or soda and how juice doesn't find its way into a 1 year old's bottle all day long because the child is pouring it - so let's be clear - animals don't "get fat" - we "get them fat."  By feeding them too much, and too much of the wrong thing, and by not giving them enough walking and activity time.  Shame, shame on us.  And trust me - if we're doing it to them - we're doing it to ourselves and our kids.

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    According to the ad, there is now a medication you can give them as a weight loss aid.  Say what??? How about we stop feeding them too much and we stop feeding them too many of the wrong foods and we start walking them - with us leading the way!!??  So the ad clearly suggests that  just like we always want a quick fix pill or diet - we're now going to subject the dogs to our slightly off mentality and medicate their obesity away?  Seriously folks, if you can't see the consequences of your own lifestyle habits personally and if the kid's obesity epidemic is not waking you up to the need for serious change- can we just decide to save the dogs and along the way shift our own habits??  Can we not use the dog's predicament to fuel our own habit changes? 


    Just think - it you decide to walk your dog twice a day for 20-30 minutes - he'll begin to get his svelte figure back - and so will you - along with fabulous health benefits.  And maybe if you change some of your meal plans - beans and fish and eggs as a protein substitutions for meat - salad and fruit with every meal - you'll have less treats to drop on the floor to the dog - and he'll whittle down a bit.  Gosh, habit changes instead of pills - what a novel treatment idea, huh??


Published On: July 03, 2008