Why Weekend Intake of Calories Higher: Exercise Misconception, Mindless Nibbles

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  • Apparently Saturday (and sunday) may be the true enemies of our waistlines!! A new study in the Journal of Obesity found that most people can be serious calorie counters and mindful eaters during the week.  Come the weekend - we seem to convince ourselves that "letting loose - just a bit" will not harm the program.  In fact, alot of people will disregard the fact that they got "blurred" on their weekend eating and complain that they can't figure out why "they're not losing weight."  Well, folks - it's the weekend eating and it can also occur when you nibble off plates as you clean the table or do a lot of "taste testing" while cooking.  We jsut don't seem to count those behaviors as calorie daunting.  Well, it is - alot more than we are realizing.

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    Another thing we do, according to the study, is exercise more on the weekend and justify alot more eating because "we just exercised."  Rarely will that equation balance out in our favor - unless we are marathon athletes.


    The moral of the story??  If you are trying to lose weight - it requires mindful eating and calorie counting 7 days/week.  If you are indeed exercising, and exercising a bit extra on the weekend, there is still a fine line between how many extra calories you burn and how many extra calories you can eat.  It's all in the math and the math is pretty black and white...unfortunately.

Published On: July 04, 2008