Preventing Heart Disease and Obesity in Children

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  • I am here in Las Vegas at the International Association of Fitness Professional's Yearly World Fitness Convention.  It's 112 degrees so thankfully most if not all events, classes, forums will be indoors (except water classes).  I love coming to this yearly event because I get to see new trends, meet people from other places who share the challenges they face when it comes to obesity and  sedentary lifestyles in their respective countries and I am forced to "climb out of my comfortable exercising protocols to try new options" - so I can tell you about them.  For me, trying a new kind of exercise is daunting because I'm good at what I like - and that "feels good."  The problem is that you can really get complacent and start slowly losing ground when you are trying to maintain weight - if you don't shake things up a bit.

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    I imagine just going into a gym or taking a class has to be downright -in your face - impossibly scary if you are overweight or obese or just really out of shape.  But I know the stakes are now becoming even greater.  Just today a new's story revealed that the American Academy of Pediatrics has released new recommendations to now treat all kids over age 10 with cholesterol lowering medication - if they have a high LDL (bad cholesterol) or low HDL (good cholesterol).  Of course, pediatricians would prefer that these kids who are more often than not overweight or obese - lose weight.  But if their families are not willing to take on the challenge - AS A FAMILY -  then I think in most cases - the kids will remain overweight and medication - to prevent early onset heart disease - will have to be prescribed.  And that - i think - is a terrible tragedy.  Because kids in most cases don't passively become obese - they are literally nurtured into obesity - by their parents primarily and by the state of our food, school systems secondarily.


    We need to get our kids moving - we need to get them off video/TV fixations - we need to improve the quality of our eating - with less fast food and more simple home-cooked meals.  We need to get educated as families and team up - so we can help our kids avoid inevitable lifelong obesity and dependence on drugs to literally keep them alive.


    So I hope my message will resonate with you all as I share my daily escapades at the IDEA convention.  I'll also be posting information about the latest trends in exercise, nutrition and health. 

Published On: July 08, 2008