Finding the Right Exercise Workout and Diet for You

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  • Is to find what's fits your goals - your personality - your budget - your schedule.  So though I know if you are dealing with obesity it's going to take pounds lost to achieve better health and better quality of life - how you go about it becomes entirely personal.  Now there are certain "truths" - you have to eat less calories, move more, but beyond that there are so many different journeys you can take to achieve your goal.  But you have to be willing to start -to try - to embrace help very often, in order to begin to reach your ultimate goals.  Easy for me to say you think.  Well I came from a family that had obesity for generations among its women and I found my path.  Unfortunately, I've become pretty stagnant in terms of trying new things.  Here at the IDEA Convention I have continued to try to expose myself to new exercise experiences because....who knows...maybe it is time to shake things up a bit.

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    So off to Fluidity I went this am.  I found out it was a creative term for yoga.  Yoga and I have never clicked.  It's slow  - I'm not into that whole "ohm" thing, I like to work up a huge sweat and really feel exhausted after my workout - yoga brings none of those things to mind.  Well, today I discovered that I am losing a bit of my balance capabilities and yoga is one way to challenge and strengthen each side of the body.  I also did more mindful core work (on my abdominals) than I've done in a long time - it's going to hurt to laugh tomorrow.  And finally, I worked on my mind engaging with my body to do difficult slow moves - something I don't routinely do and something I actually found quite liberating.  So...never say may get on my to do list soon.


    Off I went to try out a piece of equipment that's been around for awhile - the TRX Suspension System.  It consist of two long straps (adjustable) that hang off a door or wall or frame above your head that you use to work out your entire body.  You hold onto handles and you use your body's weight as the resistance. One legged squats and lunges while the other foot is suspended in the strap, push-ups while your feet are suspended off the floor behind you, stretch moves, bicep curls with your body weight - it's all possible AND quite hard.  But again - this was about me trying new things and it's nice to know if I get bored - there's always something new to try.  And that's part of the game.  Keeping yourself engaged so you enjoy exercise - trying a variety of foods so you remain committed to your eating program - for some this requires baby steps while for others it's as if someone flicks a switch one day and you are totally committed and for others - we'll they're somewhere in between.


    Who are you???

Published On: July 10, 2008