Save Money and Lose Weight bu Getting Organized

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  • So we are all facing budget issues as we cope with rising costs of gas, food and other necessities.  In my book Fat Families Thin Families I offer strategies that help you to organize your "food life" because to me when you are organized it is easier to (a) shave calories, fat sodium, processed sugar from your diet and (b) shave $$$ off your shopping costs for food.  How so?


    Well, in the book I talk about 4 Ps and the first 3Ps are Plan - Prepare - Portion.  If you gather up your family and plan menus (entrees for dinner, breakfast choices, school lunches) and then create a shopping list - you are likely to follow the list and not buy extras.  If you consider portion sizes as you figure out meat, fish and other protein, grain, fruit, vegetable, dairy needs - you will be buying the right "fit of food" per person and again not end up throwing out lots of expired, uneaten foods.  If you prepare by buying in bulk to save bucks and then break it down into individual portion sizes ( small bags of homemade trail mix, mini bags of cut up veggies, containers of everything from pasta to tuna) you are then buying precisely as you need AND saving bucks and helping your family eat appropriate sized portions and healthier foods.

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    To me being budget conscious should cover both the right amount of food you need at snacktime and mealtimes AND watching the $$$s you spend on food.  Clipping coupons, searching for recipes, having your family vote on choices of snacks and meals, shopping with a list, prepping foods so they are portion conscious -  means you are being a mindful person when it comes to your family's nutrition and your budget.  It's a win-win for everyone.

Published On: July 13, 2008