New Pill Claims to Fight Obesity without Exercise

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  • ......that promises the benefits of exercise while you sit and chow down on chips!!  Ok, maybe not quite that extreme - and no doubt - the researchers are intending the pill for individuals who might otherwise NOT BE ABLE to exercise - like a post-surgical patient, a disabled person or someone who is at risk of losing muscle mass.  But you and I both know who will be clamoring for the pill....the "I hate to exercise people....the athletes who want an additional age.....sports figures who $$$ depend on performance"...Oh boy, another drug we'll need to test for, I can see it now.


    Let's also realize that the pill can't offer all the benefits of exercise like endorphin rush or elevation of seritonin (mood boosting chemicals) levels; possibly a reduction of blood pressure, cholesterol levels (lower LDL/raise HDL), lowering the risk for certain diseases that depends on the chemical reactions that occur during active exercise and more.

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    Now I'm not against researchers helping those who cannot exercise; I also can appreciate a pill that might enhance performance but only if it's legal and approved for all professional athletes - so the "playing field is level," otherwise, if the average exerciser wants to try it to ENHANCE his experience without using it to replace it - OK, I'm not sure I can complain.  But let's also remember that maintaining muscle mass does not = maintaining range of motion - so if people begin to use this as an "exercise crutch, " they may end up on a cane or crutches from lack of mobility!! OK - extreme example, but it is not an exaggeration to say that lack of use of joints will mean impaired range of motion and other problems down the road.


    Can we all agree that though serious, formula driven exercise may not be the option of choice of many people - we all need daily physical activity in our lives to maintain health and then we probably need more effort if we are trying to lose weight or gain some health benefits.  Let's save the pill popping for more serious occasions when we have no choice in the matter.

    What do you think??

Published On: August 01, 2008