Children's Nutrition at School

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     So September will be here before you know it - the official back to school month for many kids.  Many of you parents will do the famous back-to-school shopping for books, backpacks, clothing, computers, even furniture.  The question is - will you give that same attention and detail to your child's nutrition -outside and inside the home???  Will you scrutinize labels, limit processed treats and find healthy but tasty alternatives, map out menu choices with your kids so they actually like what they eat - and don't toss it or eat from their friend?  Will you stock the frig and pantry with great "grab options" so that their after school nutrition primes them for after school physical activities or homework?  Will you find opportunities to teach them healthy habits and educate them as to why combining a protein-healthy fat- whole grain carbohydrate is a perfect way to fuel their body and their mind?  Will you make sure to eat with them - most nights - so you can offer them healthy food while finding out about their day??  Do we prioritize when it comes to our kid's well-being or do we emphasize the material things and forget about the very choices and selection that determine their current and future health??


    Kids need to eat smart to be smart.  So as you plan your forays into the various purchase opportunities - remember that the supermarket - your kitchen - a restaurant - can offer you some of the most valuable opportunities to teach your kid "practical smarts" - those that involve nutrition and exercise.  Check out my book Fat Families Thin Families for back-to-school tips that will help your child to avoid unnecessary weight gain and help you to cope with the multi-tasking that most parents face - the key is Plan- Prepare- Portion - Play!!

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Published On: August 04, 2008