Talking to Your Doctor about Obesity

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  • There's no way around it - you are carrying way too much weight - too much weight for your knees to bear - too much weight for your heart to bear - too much weight for your pancreas to keep up with so it's working overtime and you're going to have diabetes real soon - too much weight for your aneshesiologist to safely get you to sleep without putting you at risk  - you're too fat.  You know what else - your child is too fat - he's a target of bullying - he's eating too much and not moving enough - he's at risk for high blood pressure and pre-diabetes - he's wearing chubby size clothes and is way heavier than his counterparts - he's too fat.

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    Probably not because (a) there are much kinder ways to deliver the real message that you (or your child) may be carrying too much weight and that it may be putting you at risk and (b) doctors are afraid to tell the truth.  Apparently they feel you will leave their practice because you are insulted or because you feel they are pointing a finger at how you are raising your child, running your home, making decisions.  So the "non-discussion of FAT" is the biggest gorilla in the room when you visit the doctor and you are overweight.


    Do you want to be told at all?? Do you want it delivered matter-of- fact or kindly?  Do you want a referral to a dietician or do you want your doctor to write you a prescription for diet and exercise?? Do you really need to be told or do you see it and is it too much for you to handle??  This is one of THE most sensitive issues and it is at the core of achieving health - so tell me what you want to do or what should be done.  Because right now the reality is - the one health practitioner you tend to see the most or exclusively, is probably not going to tell you.......Oh, he'll tell you your "numbers are off" or "you are moving towards diabetes or high BP "- but he won't come right out and say it - so you tell me - what do you want to hear??


    (By the way, I wrote Fat Families Thin Families to spur dialogue and to make people want to "talk about it").

Published On: September 04, 2008