Childhood Obesity is an Epidemic- What is Our Role as Parents?

The HealthGal Health Guide September 09, 2008
  • Oh jeez - it's one thing to set up a household that encourages obesity among the adults who live there - and excuse me if I don't sound empathic - I simply mean - if you choose to be a certain way - I accept it - you are an adult - you get to make even harmful decisions or to choose not to get the help you may need - no judgement there.


    But to create an environment from birth that nurtures your kids to inevitable obesity in their teenage years is harmful - and IT'S KILLING THEM!!  THE LATEST studies show that we are creating a generation of obese teens with serious liver disease caused by too much body fat - some teens have even needed a liver transplant.  Why would you do this to your kids?  Are we not supposed to nurture our kids?  You vaccinate them - you educate them - why would you overfeed them or feed them foods and allow them to engage in the kind of sedentary lifestyle that would add pounds and pounds to their frame?? PARENTS - WAKE UP - You are their role models - you control the diet they begin to eat as they move from the bottle to table food.  You determine their health future.


    If you see your child developing a large belly or gaining weight unreasonably fast - and you have issues with food - get help for their sake - if you need education and support - get it for their sake - to get to the point where there is a teenage diseased liver is incredibly reflective of the standards you have handed off to your kids.  And livers are hard to come by - liver transplants are incredibly expensive - even if you do have insurance - and these kids will be on all kinds of drugs for life.


    This is scary - a disease that rarely affected teens now has actual statistics - and the majority of kids will remain undiagnosed until symptoms - really severe symptoms appears.  Fast food chains, soda and a sedentary lifestyle of TV, internet, video gaming - too much eating outside the house, few "fresh foods in the diet" - you don't need a doctor to pointit out.  You need to take a quiet moment and think - Eat to Live - or - Live to Eat.


    Care enough to save the children!!