How to Limit Emotional Eating

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  • avoid high fat soups and high fat mac n cheese and high fat desserts as a "bandage for your suffering souls."  It is a typical response to stressful times - you start to eat more and you start to eat more of the wrong things and you start to use food for comfort.  There's no doubt that there may be a seritonin "lift' from these foods - but there will also be a waist gain and health risk and co-morbid issues when you begin to treat your stress with food.


    It is so easy to lose control - to just throw in the self-control and the calm, responsible habits and to just eat our way through misery and despair.  But unfortunately we will face growing waistlines, growing risk for disease, growing despair - because food won't solve the problem and WILL make us even more depressed over our weight and our lack of self-control.  The solution??

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    Channel those emotions into budgeting your money and your calories - replace mindless eating with targetted exercise spurts - evaluate your approach to eating and re-work it into a more planned approach - menu planning, the use of shopping lists, buying bulk but immediately creating portion-sized packages once it comes home, replacing eating out with cooking healthy meals in, and turning to family members or friends for support and counseling.


    In these challenging times - it is incredibly easy to wallow in calories.  Choose instead, to acknowledge your emotions and find better and healthier ways to treat and calm those feelings. 

Published On: October 07, 2008