Premature Coronary Heart Disease is on the Rise in Overweight Teens

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  • Well, I've heard of using weight to get "a by" on a whole lot of situations, but it won't get a convict out of his death sentence!!  Apparently higher courts and appeals courts have rejected the arguement that an overweight inmate should have his death sentence by lethal injection overturned because his lawyers feel the authorities "won't be able to find a vein."  Please, please tell me this is a joke.  Oh no, it's not - his lawyers say that prison food and limited exercise caused his girth and his excess fat will interfere with safely securing a vein for the lethal injection.  Trust me, if they ask him to drop down and give them even just 5 pushups - I'm sure they'll get a vein to pop up.  Seriously folks, I've heard everything now!!

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    On a more somber note, a recent paper in The American Society of Hypertension warns that the prevalence of premature coronary heart disease is on the rise in overweight teens and it's risk will triple from 5-16% as these obese teens hit age 35.  These findings directly correlate to high blood pressure (hypertension) in overweight teens.  The study on hypertension in children/teens who are overweight reveals:

    • Organ damage (in the heart, arterial system) can already be seen in overweight kids and teens who have hypertension
    • Organ damage is much more prevalent in overweight kids and teens
    • It is imperative to examine overweight kids and teens with hypertension for C-reactive protein levels (indicate inflammation process) and for metabolic syndrome (a cluster of symptoms that put individuals at risk for heart disease and diabetes)

    The recommendation of the study's authors and other health experts is that pediatricians need to identify kids who are overweight, and they must be assessed for hypertension so that intervention (lifestyle modifications) can occur quickly to reduce these worrisome health status changes.

Published On: October 10, 2008