Government Issues New Exercise Guidelines

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  • The government has issued new guidelines for exercise and I know most of you weren't even following the old "more kind" guidelines so it's time to wajke up to a true reality check.  And the government is targeting kids and adults and frankly, everytime I watch Neil Cavuto on Fox Cable News diss another attempt at getting Americans healthier - I think to myself, "If only I could train him for one session..." but that's a fantasy and I am here to dish out reality.and the reality is we are all not moving enough for health nor enough for serious weight loss and certainly not enough , once we lose those pounds for weight maintenance (which is probably the hardest of the 3).  But if you are practical, and I am, you will realize that no use of joints and muscles means creaky bones and frankly, you can only diet so much - you have to add exercise to the equation.

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    The new recommendations:


    • For adults, 2.5 hours of moderate to intense aerobic activity weekly (brisk walking, jogging, running, jumping rope, aerobic classes, swimming, using a pice of cardiovascular equipment in a gym.
    • These aerobic activities should be done in 10 minute spurts or more easily in half hour increments
    • All adults should do some form of weight training or resistance training a couple to several times a week.
    • Kids need 1 solid hour of vigorous activity DAILY
    • Older adults and even disabled adults should follow the adult guidelines as much as is possible.


    I can already hear the moaning and groaning - I'm just not sure what part of "you desperately need daily exercise to stay healthy reality" you do not get!!  It lowers the risk of early death, prevents the risk factors for many diseases, can help you to reduce the preence of disease thatis already there and certainly helps with weight issues.


    And in fact, a new review study shows that "Vigilance" is the key to taking weight off and keeping it off.  Most people who have taken off significant amounts of weight and then successfully keep it off for extended time:

    • Are physically active for an hour a day
    • Do high intensity exercises about 70 minutes/week
    • Are highly restrained eaters who watcht their cslorie intake daily
    • Are less likely to binge emotionally or turn to food for comfort
    • Have fewer TVS than most heavier people


    Other things many people on the National Weight Registry do:

    They eat around 1800 calories a day

    They watch less than 10 hrs of TV weekl'

    Eat a low fat diet

    Weight themselves regularly

    Walk or move an hour a day to burn calories (In addition to other active physical choices daily)


    NEED I SAY ANYMORE?? Get moving - find the time and the motivation both for health and weight loss and be vigilant!!

Published On: October 17, 2008