Eating Rapidly Until Full is Associated with Being Overweight

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    Want to avoid serious osteoarthritis, a form of arthritis where there is progressive degeneration of the joints?  Drop some weight!!! Your extra weight isn't just five or ten or fifty or even one hundred pounds.  When you carry extra weight and it bears down on those knee joints it is actually the extra weight squared - so 4 pounds extra can bear down on your knee joints as if it is sixteen pounds.  So you do the math.  Being overweight is one of the four causes of osteoarthritis that you can treat.  Do something now - so you don't suffer later.


    Eating rapidly until full is associated with being overweight.  No surprise there - we all know people who eat slowly, push there plate (that still has food on it) away and pass on dessert.  Well just slowing down your eating is one habit everyone can do and it will allow you to be calm and in the moment, feel your hunger disappearing and make you aware of just how much you are eating.  The alternative is shoveling too much food in too fast before you brain can even grasp how much you are eating and send the signal that you are full.  So take the slow route, put your fork down sometimes, drink some water and "feel the pace of the food."

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    Finally, I was contacted by a wonderful group that has 350 meeting locations across the US.  It's called Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous and FA has a 12 step recovery program offering solutions for those who suffer from any kind of food addiction - over-eating, bulimia, under-eating or food obsession.  FA also has groups in England, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and Australia.  You can go to for more info. 


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Published On: October 27, 2008