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  • I get to occasionally catch daytime TV - while I write these hopefully informative, and sometimes I really hope, inspirational blogs - and I saw that Bob and Jillian, the most famous trainers these days, and a bevy of big losers were on Oprah.  Clearly Oprah is struggling with her own weight - even though she recently tried a cleanse diet and before that she was diagnosed with palpitations/menopause/thyroid issues and told by Dr. Oz that the extra weight she is carrying is not healthy.  I have always said that obesity and weight issues are truly complicated - so even if you ARE lucky enough to be able to have an on-call personal trainer, chef, support team, doctor and the pressure of being seen on air everyday and scrutinized - it goes to show you that all these things may not still be able to help a person "lose weight and maintain that weight loss."  There are emotional issues and impulse issues and other personality issues that can cloud the picture -even if you can buy yourself every tool possible to help you conquer weight.

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    So it was interesting to see some of the biggest losers and to take note of the fact that while most of the recent losers from this season and last season) were still holding it together in the weight maintenance department, many of the participants who dropped weight a couple of years earlier were struggling - almost none of them were at that low TV weight they had achieved (or even close to it).  In all fairness, most of us know that in the loser house - you have hours a day of exercise and a 1200 calorie diet if you are female, 1800 calorie diet if you are male - and unbelievable support.


    Still, some people voted off early in the game had managed to go home and lose really large amounts of weight -in spite of the fact that they had to manage the project of weight loss themselves (or together as couples).  I think, in a way, they were the winners because they really had a taste of education and support and then they had to go home and simply make it a priority and figure out how to lose the weight in their real circumstance.  Though many of them will never see the "numbers" that the long term TV losers see - they achieve similar health goals and they lose substantial pounds.


    So though I am sure many of you wish for the biggest loser experience - the reality is you can make your own show, and write your own script at home, one pound at a time, one habit at a time, one exercise experience at a time.  There's plenty of information here on the obesity connection and plenty of support 24/7 on the blog scene for you to make it happen - if you want it badly enough.


    Be a star in your own "Biggest Loser Home Movie."  Then showcase your results here so we can applaud you.

Published On: October 30, 2008