Healthy Eating Strategies during the Holidays

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  • Here's a List of Do's and Dont's to help you enjoy the holiday season without busting the calorie bank:

    - It's not one meal or choice that gets you into trouble - it's when a few become many - so pick and choose when you calorie splurge and when it's just not worth it.

    - Plan ahead - a lot of times you know what the menu will be since you've gone to these office parties or the homes of friends and family.  Decide what you will and won't allow yourself to have.


    - Don't go hungry. Only people with food issues starve all day to be able to go "hog wild."  Eat normally, have a broth soup or hot beverage before you leave for the party so you feel in control and then "be in control."

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    - Don't stand near the buffet - don't sit near the buffet.  Make your plate and move away.


    - Bring a surprise low fat dish to the party so you know there is one thing you can safely have.


    - Fill your plate with fruits and veggies and then "top" with the special treat foods.


    - Eat slowly and drink water or seltzer to help fill yourself up.


    - Limit the alcohol which can blur your sense of fullness.


    - Make a commitment to exercise on all party days - even add an extra effort - to balance the extra calories.


    - Don't make it just about the food.  It's about seeing friends and family, sharing special moments.


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Published On: October 31, 2008