Prevent Obesity with Brisk Walks

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  • Brisk walking - it's free - you don't need any equipment except maybe a good pair of supportive walking shoes AND a good attitude!!  Well according to a new study, doing something like brisk walking daily is enough to boost weight loss, trim the fat, off your body that is, and it is something anyone can do at any age.


    Scientists followed 102 men and women, ages 40-75 for one year.  This was a group of unfit people and they were separated into 2 groups.  One was encouraged to do 60 minutes of physical activity daily for 6 days/week; the other group was given no specific instructions.  The findings??

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    • Women who increased their activity level by 3500 steps daily - shed 5 pounds in the year
    • Men who achieved 3500 steps daily lost 8.5 pounds in the year
    • The exercisers who nailed the target 60 min/day/6 days per week decreased their belly fat by as much as 10-20% AND they lost 10-15% of their total body fat without losing any muscle mass.

    So if it just seems too much to diet and exercise initially, JUST starting a brisk walking program that targets between 3500 and 10,000 steps daily can have significant gains.  Why not consider doing the 3500 steps daily for awhile and then slowly increase the activity?? The idea that you can trim your abdominal or visceral fat, which is the fat implicated as a strong risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, strokes - by accumulating 60 minutes of BRISK (yes that is the key) walking daily is huge in terms of free efforts that buy you huge health gains!!


    You should also know something else about visceral fat - it's "plumbing" drains directly into the liver - allowing the so-called bad chemicals and by-products to interfere with the liver's ability to metabolize cholestero and blood sugar. 

    What else does exercising (walking daily) do??

    • Reduces stress
    • Reduces anxiety/depression
    • Improves bone and joint health
    • Improves sex drive
    • Improves memory

    Why wouldn't you walk your way to all those things??

    Tell me why you don't walk and I'll offer you a solution!!






Published On: November 03, 2008