Ways to Eat Healthy and Get More Exercise

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  • You know eating healthy and exercising is the right prescription for everyone.  So what is keeping you, yes you, from making changes towards those goals?? Researchers in Canada were impressed enough by this "conundrum" to set up a research study program that will tackle this and many other questions over the next 5 years.


    What's at stake? The reality that as Canada's population ages, the burden of arthritis, osteoporosis, oral and skin conditions, obesity and diabetes will weigh heavily on the people and on the healthcare system.  In this particular research and study program, the scientists will focus specifically on prevention and reversal of disease through physical activity and mobility.  A good first step, in motion,  as we say.

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    So from that Canadian lesson, we too can learn.  There is a huge disconnect for most people when it comes to what it really takes to be healthy.  In fact, if most of us took a different approach to "goal making" by not targeting lofty weight loss goals and instead simply choosing to "adopt and maintain new, healthier habits," we might be able to outsmart our own yo-yo dieting mentality. 


    Why not:

    - Decide to start eating breakfast everyday and target 300-400 calories - a meal of protein/whole grains/healthy fat

    - Decide that all snacks have to have a fruit and small serving of healthy protein like some nuts

    - Walk briskly daily for "x" amount of time

    - Eat fish 2-3 times a week

    - Replace high calorie soda beverages with one cup of 100% juice - like Florida orange juice - and for the rest choose water, unsweetened iced tea

    - Go fat free when it comes to milk and dairy products

    - Change your cooking method from frying to baking at high temperatures

    - Work out with weights 2 - 3 days a week


    These are just some of the changes you can make slowly, and my motto is "change one habit at a time" and keep it in place for 21 days so that you actually miss it when you begin to falter.  The typical outcome from choices like these habits is that the average person who was overeating or sedentary, will begin to lose weight, gradually and easily.  Without the goal weight pressure  - it may just feel better to keep your new habits in place.  Certainly, it's worth a try.



Published On: November 06, 2008