Children with Obesity At-Risk for Early Heart Disease: Bake Sales & Soda Ban

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  • Obese kids as young as 10 have the arterial changes of someone who has lived several decades longer.  These and other abnormalities put them at significant risk for early heart disease.  So we need to stop thinking that a chubby kid is cute - and we need to dig ourselves out of denial - quickly - for the sake of our kids.


    So I need to stop hearing people bemoan the news that bake sales to raise money for schools have been outlawed in California schools - did you not just read the dire headlines?  I need to stop hearing how kids will suffer if they can't have soda in school any more - do you not get the connection between liquid sugar and their weight and health?   Finding "rigid arteries" in 10 year olds, because the arteries are filled with plaque that comes directly from their fast food/highly processed/treat filled diets is SERIOUS!!  It means that they can already be at risk of a heart attack in their twenties. 

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    The time has come to seriously deal with reality, and reality says - your kids are in a dangerous predicament becuase they are FAT.  I know you don't like to hear that word - especially if it's your child - but if the outcome is that you wake up and do something - then it's worth being in your face truthful.  I am told that my book Fat Families Thin Families is not selling as briskly as we had hoped - considering the obesity epidemic -  because the title isn't engaging and cute.  HELLO!! If you don't like the title - take off the book jacket but get with the program and get help for yourself and for your kids.  And if they are not overweight, but their eating and exercise habits are "fat-like" - then please heed reality - you don't need to necessarily see the fat on them - you simply need to recognize that "fat habits" breed poor health - internally as well as externally.


    So turn the clock back on your children's arteries, by beginning a family lifestyle change, one habit at a time. 

Published On: November 11, 2008