Study: Gum Disease Linked to Obesity

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  • when you are identified as being overweight or obese, you are told all about health risks assicuated with that weight that include:

    • heart disease
    • diabetes
    • metabolic syndrome,
    • cancer
    • arthritis
    • stroke

    and these health risks are then used as reasons to inspire you to watch your weight, avoid weight gain or to reduce, if you are carrying excess poundage. Well a new study reveals that gum disease, which clearly has a strong component of chronic inflammation, may be linked with obesity.  So dieting may be a way to actually "treat inflammation and gum disease" if you are overweight.  Let's be clear that it is also linked to aging so as you are aging and gaining weight, you may be providing a "one-two" punch in terms of causing gum disease.  Clearly, the aging factor is to a grand extent, out of your hands - the weight issue is well within your means of treating -especially if the weight gain is new or ongoing. And this may be especially important to overweight men and to men willing to diet.

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    And in fact, studies show that periodental disease is very much tied to nutrition and now, more recently to excess weight and it's impact on inflammation.  Interestingly enough, weight reduction or dieting seemed to have a better response in men than women, when it comes to periodental disease.  This may somehow be connected to the fact that in general, men have higher rates of periodental disease and coronary heart disease than women (though we now know thanks to heart health awareness campaigns that heart disease prevalence is far greater in women than we suspected).


    Experts say this gender difference is one additional step forward in creating personalized medical therapies for patients and in realizing that male versus female medical therapies may become the wave of the future.

Published On: December 19, 2008