Diet Pill Alert!!

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  • The FDA has put out a warning regarding a number of dietary supplements which are considered "diet aids" and which may be contaminated with some serious ingredients.


    The drugs on the list are available over-the-counter or by internet sales.  They may have on their labels the comforting words "all natural" or "herbal ingredients" but there have been adverse reaction reports associated with their use.  The list includes:

    Fatloss Slimming

    2 Day Diet     

    3x Slimming Power

    Japan Lingzhi  24 Hours Diet

    5x Imelda Perfect Slimming

    3 Day Diet

    7 Day Herbal Slim

    8 Factor Diet

    7 Diet Day/Night Formula

    999 Fitness Essence

    Extrim Plus


    Imelda Perfect Slim

    Lida DaiDaihua

    Miaozi Slim Capsules

    Perfect Slim

    Perfect Slim 5x

    Phyto Shape

    ProSlim Plus

    Royal Slimming Formula

    Slim 3 in 1

    Slim Express 360





    Zhen de Shou

    Venom Hyperdrive 3.0


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    The contaminants noted include:

    Sibutramine - a controlled substance

    Rimonobant - not approved for use in the US

    Phenytoin - an anti-seizure medication

    Phenolpthalein - a chemical used in experiments/cancer-causing agent


    If you are taking any of these drugs, you should stop and if you have any in your possession you should discard them.  If you are on other prescribed medications and taking any of these diet aids, you could be at additional risk for serious life-threatening reactions.  The words natural or herbal ingredients should not convey SAFETY and any desire to use a diet aid should be discussed with a health professional.


    Rimonobant has been associated with depression/suiced side effects; sibutramine has been associated with increased risk for high BP, heart attack, stroke, palpitations.  The FDA is considering enforcement steps against the companies currently distributing these medications, including criminal charges.


    If you'd like more information you can log onto: loss products.htm


    If you suspect a reaction call:

    1-800 FDA 1088

    Or you can fax to:

    1-800 FDA 0178


    We will continue to blog on safer ways to lose wight and get healthy.  Turning to diet aids without the supervision of a doctor is a dangerous choice.

Published On: December 23, 2008