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  • Are you precious?


    If I had asked you that question about 6 months ago, you'd think I meant, "Am I special, unique, something to cherish?"  Now, that question has a second possible meaning, "Am I like that girl in the movie who is obese...invisible.... trapped in a horrible existence?"  Or maybe, just maybe, both interpretations of the question are one and the same....for you.  How can someone obese be invisible?  It's easy.  People look away, you become a hermit at home, you simply refuse to engage with people, with life.  How can such terrible abuse occur?  It happens every day;newspaper headlines confirm it.  And some of us abuse ourselves.....simply by eating ourselves into obesity.

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    So to start - I don't want to ruin the experience of the movie by revealing too much.  I'll simply discuss what we've been seeing in the trailers that are running on TV and as previews in theatres.  Precious lives in an inner city and when she's not getting raped and impregnated by her father, she is being verbally and physically abused by her mother Mary.  Food is clearly one coping tool; another is her world of fantasy.  She shuts down emotionally whenever her mother is around and we can see that she has no outlet for any feelings of happiness or tenderness.  She is buried inside her massive body, inside her unforgiving existence and it becomes obvious during the movie that she wants to be born again - there is a sweet, lovely and poetic woman just waiting to emerge, if given the chance.  You'll have to see the movie to find out if indeed the social system allows her that chance.


    I want to focus more on the reality that maybe you, are one of those individuals like Precious, who are given an unforgiving life circumstance.  It's not hard to understand how you might turn to food or other vices for comfort.  Food is always readily available and it's not judgmental.  I am sure there are also people who have what outwardly appears to be a more normal life circumstance, who turn to food because they have been unable to learn other coping skills to deal with past issues that linger or current stress, depression or other out-of-control emotional situations.  And then there is society  - in the case of Precious, she alternates between a sense of feeling utterly invisible, while at other times she is painfully "larger than life' and the victim of cruel behavior from her mother, from her father, from neighbors who hang on the street. 


    Are you overweight?



    Larger than life?

    Do you have "fat habits?"

    Are you putting your health at risk by overeating?

    Is your "extra weight" causing you to have early disease or serious risk of disease?

    Do you want to continue to allow your weight to define who you are or take charge of your habits, your stress, your size and your health because life is precious?


    Let the story of Precious inspire you......take a first step, however small, to better health.  Do it because you, indeed, are precious!!


Published On: November 10, 2009