Face Transplant Recipient Charla Nash: A Model for Obesity

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    Do you think if Charla Nash was offered a new destiny of "obesity" instead of "faceless" she'd grab it?  I do.  Do you think she would then do something about it, proactively, to reclaim her happiness and her self esteem and her pre-obese body?  I think she would. 


    Our suffering is very much a relative state, and though we sometimes need to be allowed to wallow a bit in pity, we then need to empower ourselves so that, in this case, we rule our food and our weight and not vice versa


    I think the future for Ms.Nash holds countless corrective surgeries and more pain, suffering, disappointments and frustration as she tries to move forward and live her life to the fullest.  I daresay people will be cruel and thoughtless and unkind in her presence as she walks among people with her disfigured face.

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    Having listened to her interview, she sounds ready to endure and to fight, while maintaining calm, centered, focused inner strength.  She will most likely move through these challenges with courage, and on her own terms.  She will not let this horrific setback define her life.  She says she will engage with life and hope that others will accept her and embrace her.  She also makes it clear that she has no memory of the event.  Her new life started the day she was attacked and survived.


    Don't we owe it to ourselves, if we are struggling with significant weight issues, to take that very first step? Can you somehow shift your thinking and begin to see a day when you take charge of your weight and your health and begin to do the hard work needed to change your current life situation?  Can Charla's battle empower you to change?  Just stop and imagine if your weight and health struggles were instead the future journey of this woman. Sometimes when you are able to imagine a different scenario, it can inspire you to re-think your own struggles.  Sometimes in order to make your own battle just a bit less daunting you need to realize a far worse predicament. Sometimes we need to see the plight of others so that we can be inspired to change our own destiny.  Is this the story that will inspire you to finally lose weight?


    If it is then remember that just like Charla, you will have setbacks.  Just like Charla every few steps forward can mean a step or two backwards.  Weight battles are tremendously challenging and changing long term behavior patterns can be quite difficult.  Harnessing the courage needed to face the public as you exercise, shop for clothes, eat out as a large person requires powerful self esteem.  The payoff is sweet - engaging with life as you step forward on your new journey.





Published On: November 19, 2009