Weight Loss Tips for the Buffet Table

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  • My next several blogs will be version of the concept, What Not to Wear.  I happen to love the show and invariably, even after the victim professes humiliation, embarrassment, a meltdown, indignation - they almost all are so much happier and stylish once the experience is over.


    So though you may be tempted to roll your eyes, or feel that holiday time is just not the time to show restraint or mindfulness, here's my spin (and some research) on what not to do at various holiday events.  First up, the buffet.  If you struggle with your weight then you probably need to concede that a buffet, for you, is a danger zone.  You are best served when you pre-think how you are going to handle the buffets this holiday season.  Maybe knowing how people who are lean and who have few food issues handle the buffet situation will help.  A recent study observed that:

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    • Overweight people dig right in; someone who has no food issues will look over all the different dishes first, making a note of which they want and which they are willing to skip.
    • Overweight people typically take a large plate; people with no food issues will often gravitate to a smaller, salad size plate.
    • Overweight people will often face the buffet while they eat, and mentally decide what they will take as seconds; people without weight and food issues will often sit farther away from the buffet.
    • Overweight people will often ask for a fork even when eating Asian dishes; people without food issues will take chopsticks and not be bothered if their eating pace is slowed down.

    Other tips:

    1- Use smaller serving spoons

    2- Have a broth based soup to fill yourself up a bit before attacking the buffet

    3- Use salad undressed or steamed vegetables as your base and then put spoonfuls of other dishes on top

    4- Only take vegetable seconds

    5- Drink a glass of water after your first round of eating

    6- Remember you can always take home some leftovers for another day.


Published On: December 04, 2009