Keep a Positive Attitude While Battling Obesity

Kara Bauer Health Guide
  • For both those who consider themselves significantly overweight and those who don’t, the word obesity brings up many interpretations, perceptions and judgments, none of which represent the “truth”. 

    As human beings, we are always looking for labels to define ourselves (or others) that leave us stuck in a “box” that is difficult to break out of.  Although it’s important to be straight and honest with yourself if your weight is having a negative impact on your life or health, it’s equally as important to not let your mind get carried away making up hundreds of negative things about what being overweight means about you. Being overweight does not mean that you are weak, that you have no self-control, that you aren’t a good person, that you are ugly or any other self-destructing thought your mind might produce. In the simplest terms, being overweight just means that you are overweight and nothing more.

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    The first step in transforming any area of your life is to be able to relate to your current circumstances from an unattached, matter-of-fact standpoint rather then blaming yourself or the past.  When we give the past power to create meanings about who we are, we lose the opportunity to recreate our lives in the way that we desire most. We also increase our chances that we will relive the patterns of the past until we have the courage to let go, forgive ourselves and others, and realize that the stories and meanings we’ve given to our life are obstructing our ability to create a new future that is representative of who we are today, which is new and distinct from any moment proceeding it.

    Long lasting change can only occur when we are willing to address not only our external circumstances, but also the internal conversations that keep us there. Begin by taking full responsibility for the thoughts that have obstructed you from producing your desired results and be willing to approach every day moving forward from a new vantage point that is empowering and in line with who you are. By doing so, you will begin to see things differently, allowing an endless number of new possibilities to arise and guide your path.  Rather then let all of the definitions, meanings and labels assigned to you in the past by yourself or others determine how your life goes, access the power within you to create a future that lights you up and is based on what’s possible today rather than yesterday.  When you do so, what manifests physically will align accordingly.

Published On: November 02, 2009