How to Set Weight Loss Goals and Stick to Them

Kara Bauer Health Guide
  • Many people have heard about the law of attraction or the theory that we attract to us what we think about the most. Whether you believe that we manifest our thoughts energetically or not, when it comes to setting goals or making plans for the future, utilizing some of the principles of this law can be inspiring and effective.

    There are many reasons why we may not be successful at goal setting.  One is that we simply just aren’t clear about what it is that we want and therefore keep our focus on what we can accomplish in the short term, but avoid dreaming big. Or perhaps we are clear about what we want, but don’t believe it’s possible for us, so rather than risk failure, we don’t bother trying at all.

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    Alternatively, maybe we do have the courage to write down goals for ourselves, but after the initial excitement wears off, or we fail at one of the first steps towards our goal, we lose motivation, forget what we wanted or just give up all together.

    One of the first things to understand about the law of attraction is that if you can dream it, you can have it. Anything is possible for you and there are no exceptions to this rule. If you look back in history, there are plenty of examples where we’ve seen this to be true.  Time and time again, people have made the impossible possible out of their belief that they could.

    However, it’s also important to remember that this doesn’t mean that we can control someone else or will something to happen without taking any action. The law of attraction requires just as much energy from us as it does from the universe, and each person is in charge of their own life and their own dreams.

    Most of the time when we want something and it doesn’t happen, it is because we have either put more energy towards the “don’t want” aspects of our dream and have consequently attracted more of what we don’t want, or we never really believed that what we wanted was possible and therefore it wasn’t.

    Manifesting what we want and achieving our goals begins with having a clear intention and the willingness to stand behind it no matter what. If losing weight is the goal, it is absolutely essential that you believe it’s possible. Envision yourself already at your ideal weight. How does it look, how does it feel, how does it impact your life?

    Next it’s important to write your goals down in order to make them concrete in your mind and align yourself energetically with what you are creating. Think in terms of specific measureable results so that you know, without a doubt, that you have achieved your goals and/or the steps leading up to them. With weight loss, a scale makes this step easy. However, try to invent other ways to let yourself know that you are accomplishing your goals. The more creative you can be with it, the more fun you’ll have.

    Another thing to remember is that the law of attraction happens in the present moment. Write down your goals as if they’ve already happened. Create affirmations such as  “I am light, free and running on the beach every day.” Read out loud to yourself these affirmations each day. Live them, breathe them and feel them in every cell of your body as if they already exist. When negative thoughts pop up, don’t fear them, just recognize them and then let them go.  Return your thoughts to your affirmations and the power within you to create everything you desire for yourself and your life.

  • Lastly, it can be really helpful to ask someone to hold you accountable to the goals you’ve created. Ask someone who loves you and whom you trust, or a professional, to check in with you to make sure you are accomplishing what you’ve set out to. If you’re not or have setbacks, as most of us do when we’ve set big goals for ourselves, talk with this person about why that is so that you can make any necessary adjustments and begin again. Remember that you are not alone and that as human beings we are here to support one another. Utilize the people in your life to help you reach your goals and trust that by allowing them to do so, you are in turn inspiring them to reach for their own dreams while also experiencing the fulfillment of making a difference for you.

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    Above all, believe in yourself and the power within you to be able to achieve or have whatever you desire in life.  Choose a big enough dream or goal that’s worth going for and then have fun with it. And always remember to be grateful for what you do have.


Published On: November 16, 2009