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Kara Bauer Health Guide
  • Today as I was walking down the street, I thought to myself what inspires us to do the things that we do. In my case, here I am, thousands of miles from my home in the U.S., living in Argentina and working to make a difference through health and wellness in a foreign country and the U.S. Prior to moving here and completely changing my life, I was successfully working in advertising in New York City, owned my own apartment and had everything I needed financially and otherwise to live a great life. However, there was something deep inside of me that wasn’t fulfilled, that knew I wasn’t living my heart’s passion and that pushed me to go beyond what was normal and comfortable for me no matter what risks might lie ahead.

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    Since arriving in Argentina over three years ago, my journey to contribute to others’ health and wellness hasn’t been an easy one. With my coaching work off to a great start, I threw myself into developing a big budget wellness/yoga center that would provide resources, education and access to freedom for the Buenos Aires culture. Over a two year period, the project went through many phases, forms and reinventions as business partners came and went, inspiration flowed and stopped, and investment money was promised and taken away until ultimately dissolving late last year with no money in the bank business-wise or personally and a sadness in my heart.

    Many in my shoes would have said to themselves, “That’s it, I gave it my best shot, it didn’t work out and now it’s time to return to the U.S. and my old safety”.  But for some reason I didn’t and began to once again recreate my life and find a way to support myself financially and live a life assisting others in this country that had now become my own.

    After almost a year of getting my finances in order, giving up my own rental apartment to live in a shared space and spending night and day thinking about what I would do next to get myself out of the mess of my failed business while still continuing on my path of providing health and wellness guidance, things have finally come together.  I have since cleaned up my debts, moved into a wonderful new apartment on my own again, enhanced my coaching practice both in Argentina and the U.S. and am starting my own vegetarian home meal delivery service in the coming months. I’ve also teamed up with a yoga instructor and will be offering wellness retreats beginning in February at a beautiful Argentine ranch.

    Although I feel blessed and grateful for what I’ve overcome in this recent phase of my life, I’m sharing all of this with you, not with the intention of having you feel good or bad about what you have or don’t have in your own lives, but in hopes to inspire you to never give up and stay true to your heart.

    For me, my life inspiration stems from making a difference in health and wellness, for you, it may be something completely different. Losing weight is not an easy journey and I believe in order to be successful at it, it’s important to look closely at what has inspired you to do so. It’s the inspiration that will keep your dream alive and it’s the inspiration that will keep you on your path, ensuring that you never give up no matter what circumstances may come your way.

  • As hearing other people’s stories and sources of inspiration has helped me in my own journey, I offer you the opportunity to share with this community what has or does inspire you to want to lose weight and how that inspiration has helped you move towards your own goals or successfully reach them. And for those who are feeling stuck or discouraged, I hope that hearing what has helped and inspired others will allow you to not only see yourself in what their sharing, but also discover new strength and inspiration within you to guide you in your own life.

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Published On: November 19, 2009