Large-size Mannequin Gets Massive Reddit Response

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  • If I am to grasp the gist of the conversation without seeing the actual photo, some store, somewhere, used an over-sized mannequin to showcase an outfit.  I can’t seem to find this photo, but I had no problem following the string of conversation that ensued on Reddit.  Apparently many of those who posted a comment felt the head of the mannequin did not match the larger body habitus.  Some used terms like husky, broad-shouldered, full-booty, fat, disturbing, plus-sized, to describe the mannequin.  Some people were turned off by the its large size, while others felt it represented individuals in the populace who are larger and who want to see what an outfit will look like on a bigger person.  Some felt it promoted obesity, while others felt it finally offered representation of individuals who are larger in size. 

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    Everybody seemed to have a perspective on fat and skinny, and why people gain excessive amounts of weight, and how bullying is incredibly pervasive for larger people.  Other felt that skinny people also deal with unkind comments, unfair judgments and bias, but not with the same level of intensity.  What came across loud and clear was the awful pain that so many feel, struggling with their size in a society that can be very unforgiving.  As one person pointed out – all other addictions allow you avoidance.  If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you can choose to create an environment that mostly allows you to limit exposure.  If food is your addiction, you somehow have to co-exist with it, because you face a feeding every few hours.


    I haven’t been in a Lane Bryant store lately, but haven’t they always had plus-size mannequins?  Or did I just assume they did?  What about Tall and Husky stores?  Don’t they have taller and heftier mannequins?  You would think so, considering the population they cater too?  I guess I'll have to go check them out, after seeing this heated exchange over the mannequin photo.  One of the most prevalent revolving comments seemed to be the lack of attention paid to making this larger mannequin proportioned.  It’s certainly in the stores best interest to make the mannequin somewhat attractive and fashionably relevant.  But then again, I rarely find any mannequins attractive.  And just recently, there was a huge uproar in New York City because an upscale department store on Fifth Ave. created an extremely slimmed down window display version of some of the female Disney characters.  Parents felt it sent a body image lesson to their kids that was in poor taste.  Those in defense of the skinny figures said it was simply a holiday artistic production.


    How do you feel about larger mannequins or skinny mannequins?  Problematic or a reflection of the different size people in the population?


Published On: December 07, 2012